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Life's Journey of a Refugee

Memoirs of a World War II Survivor


Edwin Stalzer

"Life’s Journey of a Refugee" is the story of Edwin Stalzer, from his first recollection at the age of two years of being uprooted by the German Army with a promise to be “reunited” with the Third Reich after his people had been living peacefully in the present day Slovenia for over 600 years.

Betrayed by Hitler, who traded their ancestral farms away to the Italians while resettling his “Gottscheer” people not in Germany, but on stolen Slovenian land.

Forced to be both robbed and robber, Ed’s people must defend themselves as long as they can against the rage of Tito’s partisans and the Allies. His childhood intermingles harsh realities of rural life, Nazi politics, air raid and guerrilla war, until they are driven into penniless exile.

Only the strongest can both survive and escape the hellish refugee camps of Austria. After seven long years, Ed and his family succeed in emigrating to the United States where, at the age of 13, he begins his quest for the American Dream.